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  1. Background
  2. Introduction
  3. The Great Warning
  4. Timing of the Great Warning
  5. The Great Miracle
  6. The Rapture
  7. The Great Chastisement
  8. Timing of the Great Chastisement
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I. Background

II. Introduction

III. The Great Warning

  1. On April 21, 1973, Veronica experienced the coming Warning while in ecstasy: It's as though everything has exploded in the sky. There is a great flash! Then it's very hot - very warm - and it feels like you're burning. There is a huge explosion, and the sky becomes very white. . .and then there are colors - blues, purples. . . It 's like a huge explosion. Now this voice -- the voice ...! And the voice, Our Lady says, is a voice within you: "Your warning before the Chastisement! Flash, fire, and the voice within you! The final Warning before Chastisement."
  2. "Man will feel that the very powers of the elements have shaken the very foundations of his being. So great will be the impact of this Warning from the Father that none will doubt that it had come from the Father. . .It will be a major awakening to many. The rumbling and the shaking of the elements will set fright into many hearts. . .Hearts will shudder with fear and men will drop from fright. . . .Many signs of an angry God will appear before you. . ."
  3. On June 12, 1976, the Blessed Virgin Mary told Mrs. Lueken that the Warning was at hand: "My child, you must pray more: do much penance. For the Warning is coming upon mankind. There will be a tremendous explosion and the sky shall roll back like a scroll, this force shall go within the very core of the human. He will understand his offenses to his God. However, this Warning will be of short duration. and many shall continue upon their road to perdition, so hard are the hearts hardened now, My child."
  4. "...the Eternal Father will send a Warning to mankind, a great Warning of such magnitude that very few will doubt that it comes from the Eternal Father and is not man-made." - July 25, 1978.
  5. "... There is to come upon you a great Warning, of such magnitude that every man, woman and child will feel the burning fires within." - September 28, 1974.
  6. "All who remain in the light of grace will have no fear. They will pass through this great Warning without suffering." - April 5, 1975.
  7. "As the day follows night, so shall this Warning follow soon. Beware of the sunrise! Do not look up to the sky, the flash!!! Beware of the sunrise! Do not look up to the sky, the flash!!! Close your windows! Draw your shades! Remain inside: do not venture outside your door, or you will not return! Pray! Prostrate yourselves upon your floor! Pray with arms outstretched and beg for mercy of your God, the Father. Do not seek or receive your animals into your homes, for the animals of those who have remained of well spirit will be taken care of."
  8. "O My children, how many will try to go back and restore their homes when it is too late. Keep blessed candIes, water, blankets, food within your homes. The candles of those who have remained in the state of grace shall not be extinguished, but the candles in the homes of those who have given themselves to Satan shall not burn! Amen. I say to you, as night follows day a great darkness shall descend upon mankind."
  9. "When the Warning is sent upon man, there will be no doubt in the minds of man that it descends from the heavens. However, those who have already committed themselves to satan w ill see and yet not believe." - September 28, 1973.
  10. Our Lady - "The Father chooses to send upon you first a great manifestation, a Warning. And should you not listen to the voice within you, He will have no recourse but to go forth with the plan for full cleansing. My Son has given you His words; you have received one of the final warning given to man." - May 10, 1973
  11. Jacinta Marto (one of the three seers of Fatima) - "There is a secret of Heaven and another one of earth, and the latter is terrifying. It will seem as tbough it were already the end of the world. And in this cataclysm everything will be separated from tbe sky, which will turn white as snow." - June 18, 1981.
  12. Our Lady - "The Warning promised to mankind will not be long in coming. It will given to you as a merciful act of the Father to awaken mankind before it is too late and the great chastisement will be sent upon you." - July 25, 1974

IV. Timing of the Great Warning

  1. Jesus - "... I give you one indication that the time is ripe. When you see, when you hear, when you feel the revolution in Rome, when you see the Holy Father fleeing, seeking a refuge in another land, know that the time is ripe." -September. 14, 1976.
  2. "As you know, as I have told you (which must remain secret until it is profitable to be told and I will tell you, My child), there is little time left before the Warning." -July 25, 1978.

V. The Great Miracle

  1. "On December 24, 1973, Our Lady spoke to Veronica about the Miracle - "The Warning which must be sent upon man must be effective. And in the mercy of the Father, a great spectacle will then be placed in the sky for all to see. However, the agents of hell will try to prove - disprove the hand of the Father in this Miracle."
  2. "You must cleanse your souls of all sin, mortal and venial. Come to my Son in belief. Believe what you see in Garabandal, and turn back from you ways that have been created by satan. Return to the Father; do penance and atonement, for your chastisement will soon follow upon the great spectacle. I bless you all, My children, as the Father blesses you with a sad heart." - December 24, 1973.
  3. ". . .A prodigy of great magnitude - In the merciful heart of the Father, you will receive a great light from Heaven." -June 15, 1974.
  4. "Should this great Miracle be cast aside and rationalized by atheistic, scientific men, I assure you, My children, the chastisement will come upon you with great force." -July 15, 1974.

VI. The Rapture

Our Lady ..December 7, 1976

VII. The Great Chastisement

The Chastisement consists of two parts: the first part is man-made War; the second part is the God-sent Ball of Redemption (a great comet).

    World War III

    1. On March 29, 1975, Our Lady showed Veronica in vision a map. Veronica saw Jerusalem, Egypt, Arabia, French Morocco, and Africa.
    2. Our Lady - "The start of the Third World War, My child... "
    3. Jesus: "Many mothers shall face, in the world calamity, the loss of their sons. Many shall truly join Me upon the cross." - March 29, 1975
    4. Veronica...."I see, it looks like a large field. Oh, it's like a countryside, because there are mountains, and I am looking down now upon a river. Oh no, it's more like a lake, because I can see all the foliage and the trees around it."
    5. "But down now over in the woods, there are many, many crosses -- crosses white-washed, painted white. Now I'm looking down, and now I'm walking among these crosses, and they do not have names upon the crosses."
    6. Our Lady - "My child, look and weep with Me, for you are witnessing the total destruction that will come upon mankind in the Great War, your Third World War. So many will die, My child, that there will be no time to mark the graves."
    7. "Mothers shall long to see and know where their sons lie, but to no avail. This comfort will not be given to them, so great will be the loss of life. Can you not turn back now and beg the forgiveness of the Eternal Father before it is too late?"
    8. "Are you so blind to the truth, My children, that you do not see the road you are travelling on?"
    9. Our Lady - "I repeat: The Chastisement will be great, but man must understand: there is another chastisement. One will come from man, through the hands of man, a war so great that it will almost exterminate the earth, but for the merciful heart of the Eternal Father; and the Chastisement of the Ball of Redemption." - November 20, 1978
    10. On September 7, 1974 Veronica described what she saw: Letters are coming out in the sky now. They are large letters: PERSECUTION OF THE MYSTICAL BODY. It is written -- PERSECUTION OF THE MYSTICAL BODY OF CHRIST DEMON 6 IS BEING RELEASED!
    11. Our Lady - "There will be many among you who will claim to be the Christ. Remember, My children, My Son shall return only the way He left, as He ascended into the Heavens. He will come down, return, descend from the Heavens with the armies of Heaven behind Him. Accept none who will pass themselves off to you as the Christ, the living God! Reject those creatures of hell in human form! Reject them though they may come to you with great powers of satan. Number 6 - Beware of the anti-christ among you. Number 6 He will promote now the Third World War, the great war of destruction to mankind. A war that has never been met with a sequel upon mankind! A war of destruction so great that countries SHALL DISAPPEAR IN A FRACTION OF A SECOND! So great will be the power of 6 that HE SHALL START THIS WAR!"
    12. Our Lady - "While your leaders throughout your world are crying for peace and do they present in the news medias as they prepare for war. O My children, wars are a punishment for man's sins." - July 14, 1979.

    The Ball of Redemption

    1. On October 2, 1979, Our Lady said..."My child and My children, do not be affrighted by My words. The world shall not come to an end. The Eternal Father has given His promise to mankind, that the world shall never be made extinct again, as in the past with the time of the floods. However, your world shall be cleansed with a 'baptism of fire'. Only a few, in the multitudes upon earth, shall be saved. You have been asked to make a choice between the Cross and the Serpent. And this choice has also been asked of the clergy in My Son's House, His Church upon earth."
    2. Our Lady - "I have spoken to you of the BALL OF REDEMPTION to meet with much speculation from souls, I shall explain now, how this will come about:"
    3. "The ball will descend from the atmosphere of your earth: it will be from the heavens; it will not be man-made; it will be part of the universe."
    4. "YOU WILL BE PLANET STRUCK!" - March 24, 1972.
    5. Our Lady - "In this chastisement, My children, billions will be lost. Many lives will be lost." - October 6, 1973.
    6. Our Lady - "Your earth, in due time, will be planet struck." - Octber 6, 1973.
    7. Veronica - my goodness! Oh, there's - up in the sky - there's that tremendous thing, a ball of fire. It looks like another giant sun. Oh, my! It looks like a giant sun - it's so big! And it's spinning! There are two suns! It looks just like two suns! They are almost the same size. Oh! The one on the left is spinning, though it's heading towards the other one. Oh! my! Oh! It's like two suns in the sky. They're tremendous! The ball on the left, it's coming in very fast. It's an volute ball of fire and it's giving out like trails of gases, I guess, vapors, because they're not solid. It's like flames and smokes vapors. Oh! Oh! my! - September 7, 1974.
    8. Veronica - Now I see coming through the sky a tremendous huge ball. Oh! It's like a giant sun. But as it is travelling through the sky now it seems to be turning colours, white and orange, and spinning so fast, that it's like it's hurling through space. Aaah! It has tremendous heat! It feels like I am watching it standing so close to it, it's awfully hot....Ohooo! Now as it's going through space -- I see now -- it's going towards a very large ball. But now I'm looking at it, the other ball is coming close to a --- it's like --- it's a globe of the world!- April 13, 1974
    9. Jesus..."My children, I hear voices of disdain shouting, sadism! Is this a sadist God who promises such destruction upon His creation?"
    10. "I say unto you ,as your God, I bring not your destruction. You will bring about your own destruction, for I leave you, as your God, to the exercise of your free will. In your free will, if you reject your God and the plan for man's redemption as given from the beginning of time, I say unto you -- you will destroy yourselves!!"-- May 18, 1977.
    11. Our Lady..."You only bring upon yourself a punishment far greater than ever has been seen upon earth and never shall be seen again, for when you go through this chastisement, there will be few creatures left upon earth." -- April 13, 1974.
    12. Our Lady - "Can you not understand that when the Ball of Redemption is sent upon you three-quarters of your world shall be gone?" - November 1, 1977.

VIII. Timing of the Great Chastisement

  1. Our Lady - "They are now planning for the entrance of the evil one, the man of dark secrets onto the seat of Peter!" September 14, 1072.
  2. On November 1, 1972, Veronica described what she saw: Now there are four men who have come forward and are standing next to Our Lady. Jesus came through the sky -- down to join Our Lady at the right side of the flagpole. He was dressed in a long burgundy red gown - the red was in the cloak - His undergarment was a cream color. His feet were in sandals - brown leather like sandals. Jesus raised his hand and pointed over to the three men, saying:"
  3. "Doctors of the House of God." (Over the men's heads names appeared. St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Robert Bellarmine...and the other man is faceless, but there is a large question mark over his head.)
  4. Jesus then said: "This is the MAN OF MANY FACES WHO WALKS NOW IN THE HOLY HOUSE OF GOD - only you hold the decision to his fate!"
  5. Our Lady turned and motioned to this man who has no face - saying: "He is being developed to enter upon THE SEAT OF PETER. All trials coming from the abyss can enter into this Man of Perdition! A CONSTANT VIGILANCE OF PRAYER MUST NOW BE KEPT THROUGHOUT YOUR EARTH! The time for your Vicar has been extended but only for a short time. When he is removed from the seat of Peter THE MAN OF DARK SECRETS IS WAITING!"
  6. On March 18, 1974, Veronica: I see, there is a man coming, now forward. He is dressed all in white. He has on a little hat like a calotte, sort of hat on his head, and he has a rosary at his side. There is a band about his waist. His hair looks very white. He is carrying a Bible in his hand, his left hand, and the cross in his right hand. Now, he is smiling : "Do you know who I am, my child?.. "
  7. -- Oh! it is St. Pius ... St. Pius X.
  8. -- "Yes, child,... one will be entered into the House of God, and woe to man when he places him upon the seat of Peter, for then the great day of the Lord shall be at hand."
  9. Our Lady - "The sign of the Son of Man will appear before the great Chastisement." - April 14, 1974.
  10. Our Lady - "Man has only one means now to avert the planned Chastisement and Warning. The Warning and the Chastisement will follow soon upon each other if man continues on his present course. He must now humble himself before the world. He must do much penance, sacrifices, and make atonement for the many offenses against his God. Only in this manner will I, as a Mediatrix between man and God, be able to hold back the destruction which is fast heading towards earth." - September 28, 1973.
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