The Murder of King of Italy, Victor Emmanuel II

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  • King Victor Emmanuel II of Italy worked for Masonic lodges all his life, being called "The Thief of Papal States"for his stealing of the Papal States of Italy. He was the one who put Pope Pius IX under house arrest after the Pope's army was defeated in September 1860, fulfilling the prophecy of Our Lady at LaSalette that "May the curate of My Son, Pope Pius IX never leave Rome again after 1859." According Sister Marie Amelie in her 1885 diary From Mason's "Nymph of Satan" to A Nun "Bride of Christ", when she was still Klotilde, as a test before she could be given the title "the Nymph of Satan", she was ordered to deliver to Prince Umberto a command to poison his aged invalid father, King Victor Emmanuel II. The King was a Mason and therefore automatically excommunicated. But he had made known that he wanted to repent and return to the true religion of the Roman Catholic Church. Masonic Lodges wanted to prevent the King from reconciling with the Church and therefore receiving the last sacrament of Extreme Unction. By accelerating his death, the Masons made an act of mercy from the Pope impossible. But after he unknowingly drank a glass of liquid containing poison, the King still lived a few more days. During that time he reconciled with the Church and received absolution for his sins from a Priest. The news about the King's death shook all Italy, as Sister Amelie witnessed it. During the embalming , they had found poison in his bowels. The medical evidence officially declared that poison had been used. A newspaper of Turin, Italy, openly suggested that a crime had been committed by the family members. All these newspapers were confiscated by the police. Later, the Grand Masonic Lodge found out that Umberto purposely did not use enough poison to allow his father time to receive absolution from a Catholic Priest. This was considered betrayal of the Masonic lodge and according to the secret Masonic Rule, he deserved to die. Prince Umberto became King Umberto I in 1878 and was assassinated on July 29, 1900 by guns from a passerby.

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