Jesus's Message of Merciful Love to the World

I. Background

  1. Marguerite (not a real name) was a Belgian wife and a mother who received the divine communications in two ways, one intellectual, the other by way of hearing. When these communications reach her intellect, they are manifested by an apprehensible illumination which invades her mind, putting her instantly into possession of knowledge which she does not inwardly formulate to herself, but which she receives and contemplates without words. Those communications which reach her by the way of hearing are expressed by articulated words which have nothing in common with the material sounds the physical ear can seize. Here it is a matter of spiritual hearing discerned in her heart.
  2. When she receives the Message by way of the intellect, Marguerite herself works out a verbal expression of the truth imposed on her enlightened spirit and transcribes it for us. This method of transmission is characterized by St. John of the Cross as being made up of « successive words ». It would appear evident that in such a case Marguerite puts the Message into « her own words ». It follows as a matter of course that she is subject to inexactitudes of language and to errors in spelling, due either to inattention or to insufficient grammatical knowledge. It is the task of her spiritual Director to correct these faults or verbal inexactitudes, emending them to what she really wants to say, and of which he is apprised by the context.
  3. In the second case, when Marguerite transmits the Message by reproducing in writing the words « heard in her heart », error is impossible. In this case the transmission is literal. And we find ourselves in the presence of what St. John of the Cross calls « explicit » words, because pronounced explicitly by Jesus.
  4. On April 1, 1967 Marguerite received the command to form the Order of Little Souls of the Merciful Heart of Jesus. The consequence of this has been the creation of numerous Legions of Little Souls all over the world (one such legion in America is Legion of Little Souls, 428 - 39th Street, Moline, Illinois 61265-1641, U.S.A.). Their mission is to transform the world by their prayers, their sufferings, their holocaust of themselves. They can « change the course of events (November 21, 1966), renew the face of the earth (May 22, 1967) ». They will be associated with Jesus in the work of Redemption : « Little souls, will you be the children of the Redemption with Me? Now I am asking you what My Father has asked of Me » (July 5, 1967).
  5. The following excerpts are based on the diary by Marguerite, Message of Merciful Love to Little Souls, 1982, Pope Publications, San Rafael, CA 94903.
  6. The excerpts scarcely do justice to the book which provides invaluable teaching on spiritual perfection. Our Lord Himself indicated this : "The Message is indeed the prolongation and deepening of St. Theresa's working in souls." (June 22, 1971). Here, we focus only on Our Lord's analysis of main problems of the world, the consequent necessity of chastisement, and His answer to the important question "who will be saved?"

II. Messages by Our Lord Jesus Christ

  1. Jesus told Marguerite on November 21, 1966 :
  2. Then on March 27, 1970 :
  3. On June 9, 1971 :
  4. On September 7, 1972:
  5. On April 28, 1972 :
  6. On April 12, 1974 :
  7. On April 16, 1974:
  8. Jesus told Marguerite on July 4, 1975:
  9. Jesus told Marguerite on January 5, 1966 :
  10. On September 28, 1966 :
  11. On January 5, 1967, Jesus warned mankind:
  12. On October 27, 1967:
  13. On November 18, 1967:
  14. On October 27, 1969:
  15. On June 4, 1973, Jesus explained the correct concept of liberty :
  16. On August 3, 1966, Marguerite asked Jesus why He had to suffer, why men sin and why men know little of God's love for mankind.
  17. Jesus pointed out to Marguerite on November 16, 1966:
  18. On April 14, 1970:
  19. On July 21, 1966:
  20. September 21, 1966:
  21. November 16, 1966:
  22. On May 2 and May 5, 1971, Jesus said to Marguerite:
  23. Again, on September 29, 1967 :
  24. Jesus lamented and warned on April 20, 1973:
  25. Finally, on October 4, 1967, to the question "who will be saved?" Jesus answered:

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The End Days

"Who is like unto God?"

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