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Prophecy On The Coming Great Warning, Chastisement, and

Second Coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ,

and Personal Salvation


This website describes what will generally happen to the world within this generation according prophecies made by Catholic Saints in past centuries and well-known Catholic seers, visionaries, and locutionists in this century and, in particular, by the last Catholic Prophet Maria Divine Mercy. All prophecies refer to a great chastisement in magnitude to the great deluge in the time of Noah. But this time, it will take various forms, greater frequencies and magnitudes in climate changes, floods, earthquakes, volcanos, tsunamis, wars, revolutions, famine, and especially fire coming from the Third World War and a great Comet called the Ball of Redemption. The chastisement is preceded by the Great Warning in which everyone aged from 7 will have his/her conscience illuminated and sins revealed, and in which everyone will know that God exists. The great chastisement consists of the great tribulation caused by the Antichristís global control and his Satan-worshiping Illuminati minions, the Third World War, and Three Days of Darkness the whole world, and culminates in the Second Coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ to judge the world, to separate the sheep from the goats.

This is not End of the World or the Final Judgement yet. It is only a purification of the Earth in which all evil is banished before God sets up His Kingdom on earth as we pray Our Father. Those who survive the Judgement of the Second Coming will live in this renewed earth, which God calls The New Garden of Eden or the New Paradise on Earth, better than the one before the Fall of Adam. People will enjoy a perfect life with perfect bodies without disease and illness, without sin and death, for 1,000 years before the Final Judgement will finally come.

Those who will not survive are the ones who refuse Godís Call of Mercy to repent of their sins. Among these are hard-core Communists, Masons, Illuminati, and the Antichristís followers who believe Satanís lie that he is God and Jesus Christ is only an imposter and that he reserves a far-away planet for them to come to live there forever. The power of God the Creator is invincible and Satan (Lucifer), being only a creature, an angel, a fallen angel at that, will be defeated handily. Mankind suffers because we have been tempted and fallen through Satan. But God is infinitely merciful that He gives this generation a Mercy Calling by means of the Great Warning (or Illumination of Conscience) whereby one can directly face God and see his/her soul without having to die first. Thus the Warning provides an opportunity for everyone, regardless of faiths, creeds, and nationalities, to come back to God, even in the last minute, before Our Lord Jesus Christís Second Coming to judge mankind, and earn a key to enter the New Paradise on Earth.

God desires to save everybody including great sinners without exception, regardless of race, nationality, and religious affiliation, and gives Crusade Prayers for them to pray to Him to seek redemption. God doesnít want to lose any of His children. But many will still refuse to be saved because their hearts are hardened against God's Call. God gives warning to these hardened sinners who are deceived by Satan whose plan is to destroy mankind and God's True Church on earth under the direction of his henchmen, the Anti-Christ and the False Prophet. The most effective weapons against Satan and his agents are prayers and the means of salvation mentioned below. Prayers and sacrifices are so powerful that they can lessen the impact of a multitude of chastisements.

The prophesied events are contained in the Book of Revelation (or Book of the Apocalypse), the last book of the Bible. But no one understand its mystified words until its Author, Our Lord Jesus Christ, explains its meaning in a recent book called the Book of Truth. The essence of the Book of Revelation is the destruction of the Catholic Church under the False Prophet and the Anti-Christ, or Gog and Magog. But the True Church, the Remnant Church, which always will maintain the Truth, will remain standing under the protection of God and it will triumph over the Anti-Christ and Satanís army. Thatís Godís Will and nothing can overthrow It. Upholding the Truth is necessary for salvation. No Truth, no salvation. The Catholic Church under the False Prophet will replace the Truth with lies, turning it into a false Church. Those who follow the False Prophet will submit to the Anti-Christ, the consequence of which is losing oneís soul.

Why are these events going to happen? What specific events are they? What can we do about them? How can one save oneself? These questions will be answered by the contents of this website.

This is not a doom-day message to scare people, but a warning and a pleading to mankind. Since God never chastises mankind without first issuing warning of the impending chastisement, and giving means of preventing the impact of the prophesied global chastisements from happening to individuals or lessening their effects such as specific Crusade Prayers; or giving means for personal physical and spiritual protection and salvation such as the Seal of the Living God (mentioned in the Book of Revelation) and the Medal of Salvation, we provide this website as one of many means God uses to warn and call all mankind, regardless of religions, to repent and to acknowledge Him as the Creator of all things and come back to join the family of happy children under God.

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May God richly bless you.

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