Eucharistic Miracles of the End Times

Julia Kim is a Stigmatist living in Naju, South Korea. She is a housewife with four children. In the picture below she and her husband on her left received Pope John Paul II's blessing in Rome on June 3, 1992.

I. Stigmata on Julia's Hands.

In the picture below, Father Raymond Spies -- Julia's Spiritual Director -- and others are looking at the Stigmata on Julia's hands. This happened in Naju on July 2, 1996.

In the following two pictures, on the same day, Father Raymond Spies exposed Julia's hands for others to see.

The Stigmata on her hands were examined by doctors in Kwangiu City, who stated in writing that they could not find any medical explanation for her wounds and bleeding. The Stigmata lasted for a few days and then disappeared.

II. Eucharistic Miracles.

The picture below shows the 8th Eucharistic Miracle to Julia Kim of South Korea. The Sacred Host in Julia's mouth turned into visible flesh and blood. This happened in Naju Parish Church, June 30, 1995. This was witnessed by Fr. Jerry Orbos, Fr. Shimura from Japan, and other Priests from abroad, and many pilgrims.

Below is the 11th Eucharistic Miracle to Julia Kim on September 22, 1995 in Naju, Korea. The Sacred Host on her mouth turned into heart muscles in the shape of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and was bleeding. This happened during the Mass celebrated by Bishop Roman Danylak from Toronto, Canada. He witnessed this miracle together with other people. She was instructed to swallow the Host. She did with difficulty since It had become a lump of flesh and larger.

Sworn Testimony of Bishop Danylak

Marian Cross

The End Days

"Who is like unto God?"

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