Biblical Prophecy on The Anti-Christ


  1. The Antichrist: Who is He?
  2. The Anti-Christ's One-world Government
  3. The Admiration of the World for the Anti-Christ
  4. The Anti-Christ's One-World Religion: Satanism
  5. The Mark of the Beast
  6. Penalty for accepting the Mark of the Beast: Hell
  7. Reward for Accepting the Mark of God : Reign with Christ
  8. The Anti-Christ Suppresses the Holy Mass and Demands to be Worshiped
  9. The False Prophet
  10. Punishment of the Anti-Christ and the False Prophet
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I. The Antichrist: Who is He?

The following quotations in bold are taken from the Douay-Rheims Bible. Abbreviations: Apocalypse: Apoc., Daniel: Dan., Matthew: Matt., Thessalonians: Thess.

  1. He is Lucifer personified (the sea representing Hell), supported by G-7 countries (7 heads), controlling (diadems) powerful medias (horns) to fight against God's 10 commandments (names of blasphemies)and promoting 7 capital sins (7 heads):
  2. His power is Satanic (dragon, Lucifer) power:

II. The Anti-Christ's One-world Government

  1. The temporal power base of Anti-Christ of the latter days is from the United Nations which forms the eighth head.
  2. This eighth head is mortally wounded but is healed: the U.N. will be dissolved and replaced by the Federation Earth which becomes the Anti-Christ One-world Government.
  3. The Anti-Christ divides the world into 10 regions and appoints 10 administrators under him to control them.

III. The Admiration of the World for the Anti-Christ

  1. The people of the world are mesmerized by the Anti-Christ's Satanic power and come to adore him.
  2. He obtains power and influence by lies and false miracles:
  3. Those who reject God's sufficient grace of redemption and salvation gained by Jesus Christ on the cross will adore the Antichrist as god. God foreknew their perdition from the beginning so their names were not written in the book of life.
  4. The Antichrist is recognized by the Jewish Nation as the Messiah.

IV. The Anti-Christ's One-World Religion: Satanism

  1. The Anti-Christ blasphemes God, His Church (tabernacle) and His saints,and his time is three years and a half.
  2. The Anti-Christ will rule over nations during his time and persecute the just.

V. The Mark of the Beast

  1. There will be a material mark of beast that man can see using some equipment. This mark which is a computer chip will be implanted when the Anti-Christ came onto the world scene. He will use this mark to control his followers. Trading, buying and selling will be based on the mark. Apocalypse 13:16-18. "And he shall make all, both little and great, rich and poor, freemen and bondmen, to have a character in their right hand or on their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, but he that hath the character, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. He that hath understanding, let him count the number of the beast. For it is the number of a man: and the number of him is six hundred sixty-six." The economy under the Anti-Christ will be cashless. In order to accomplish this the present stock market and banking system will have to made collapsed. Then the new banking system will be set up. But the mark serves more than the economic purpose. It will be used to force people to worship the Anti-Christ. Those who have the mark but refuse to obey will be tracked down and killed. That is why it is evil and must be absolutely avoided.
  2. There is a spiritual mark which is stamped by the angels on the forehead during the Great Miracle. It is similar to the indelible character imprinted by the Holy Ghost when one is baptized into the Catholic Church. It will be either the mark of the beast or mark of the cross. Those who have the material mark of the beast (the micro-chip) will be imprinted by angels with the spiritual mark of the beast on their forehead. Those who have refused to take the micro-chip will be imprinted with the mark of the cross on their forehead. Apocalypse 7:2-3. "And I saw another angel ascending from the rising of the sun, having the sign of the living God. And he cried with a loud voice to the four angels to whom it was given to hurt the earth and the sea, saying: Hurt not the earth nor the sea nor the trees, till we sign the servants of our God in their foreheads." Either mark will be visible to the Christ's followers but not visible to the Anti-Christ's followers. So Christ's followers will be able to recognize both types of people, to help the former and to avoid the latter. In the time of Anti-Christ, all modern advance in technology will be utilized to assist him in the persecution of Christians. With human means only, the Christians will have no chance against him. Only with God's help can they survive. And God has promised help with greatest prodigies equal to those of Moses. This is because a Remnant Church must survive to live in the renewed earth. Thus Christians have absolutely no fear in fighting the Anti-Christ.

VI. Penalty for accepting the Mark of the Beast: Hell

VII. Reward for Accepting the Mark of The Cross : Reign with Christ

VIII. The Anti-Christ Suppresses the Holy Mass and Demands to be Worshiped

IX. The False Prophet (The Anti-Pope)

  1. The False Prophet is a human being (out of the earth) who is a Bishop or Cardinal (a lamb with 2 horns, a Bishop mitre has 2 tips resembling horns). He is a heretic since he speaks as Satan does. Invalidly elected as the new Pope (Pope John Paul II will still be alive but in hiding after the revolution in Rome) , he will be the Anti-Pope of the Catholic Church. Most of the faithful are not aware of this fact as well as his association with the dark forces due to darkness of their sin (apostasy). Consequently, as the leader of the Schism Church, he commands worldwide respect and authority. The False Prophet plays an enormous role in the end times. Without him, the world might not have followed the Anti-Christ. He belongs to the same conspiratorial (Masonic-Illuminati) forces which promote the Anti-Christ. The Anti-Pope will cause tremendous conflict and division within the Catholic Church due to his abolition of Sacraments of the Church and his denial of all Catholic dogmas except infallibility of the Pope. He enforces the Anti-Christ's edict by declaring that any Catholic who refuses to accept the microchip will be excommunicated. Needless to say, Pope John Paul II will remain the head of the true Church, which will be driven underground. The members of the true Church are called the Remnant Church, the Holy Roman Catholic Church.
  2. The False Prophet employs the Anti-Christ's magical power to perform false miracles in order to seduce the people of the world to follow the Anti-Christ and adore him.

X. Punishment of the Anti-Christ and the False Prophet

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